Gold Star Pages

Gold Star Pages: Elevate Your Creations and Earn Rewards

Gold Star Pages stand as the pinnacle of quality on Scabard, representing the finest craftsmanship in world-building and storytelling. These pages, adorned with the prestigious Gold Star, are a testament to the creativity, detail, and depth that world-builders pour into their work.

How to Earn a Gold Star Page

You can see your progress towards a Gold Star follows:

  1. From any page in your campaign, click the "down arrow" on the button panel
  2. Select "Gold Star Audit"
  3. See what's left to do to make the page a Gold Star Page

Key Features of Gold Star Pages:

Unmatched Quality: Gold Star Pages showcase unparalleled quality, setting a standard for excellence in content creation. Each element, from NPCs to locations, is meticulously crafted to captivate and inspire. It's odd, but even though Gold Star pages aren't voted on or curated (it's all based on an algorithm), I've never seen a Gold Star page that wasn't interesting and beautiful.

Rich Detail and Depth: These pages delve deep into the intricacies of your world, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience for both Game Masters and players. Every aspect is carefully considered, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic game setting.

Inspiration for Others: Gold Star Pages serve as a wellspring of inspiration for the Scabard community. By sharing your meticulously crafted content to the Content Exchange, you contribute to a collective pool of creativity, sparking ideas and innovations among fellow world-builders.

Create shareable pages: Optionally share your Gold Star Pages to the Content Exchange, where other GMs can like, love or clone your pages.

Earning Rewards:

Creating Gold Star Pages not only earns you respect within the community but also tangible rewards in the form of Gold Coins. As a token of appreciation for your dedication to excellence, Scabard rewards creators with Gold Coins, adding a valuable incentive to strive for the highest standards in world-building. And allows you to earn the coveted Scabard Improv Die (sorry, U.S. only)

How Gold Coins Enhance Your Scabard Experience:

  1. Unlock Premium Features: Accumulate Gold Coins to access premium features and enhancements that elevate your world-building capabilities.
  2. Earn Gold Coins: Accumulate Gold Coins to access free stuff, like the Scabard Improv Die (sorry, U.S. only).
  3. Showcase Your Achievements: Display your Gold Coins proudly on your profile, showcasing your commitment to excellence and your valuable contributions to the Scabard community.
  4. Create shareable pages: Optionally share your Gold Star Pages to the Content Exchange, where other GMs can like, love or clone your pages.
  5. Support and Recognition: Your efforts in creating Gold Star Pages not only benefit you but also contribute to the overall quality of content on Scabard. Your contributions are recognized and celebrated within the community.

Join the Prestigious Circle:

Become a part of the prestigious circle of world-builders who strive for excellence. Craft Gold Star Pages that leave a lasting impression, inspire others, and earn you both respect and tangible rewards on Scabard. Elevate your creations, earn Gold Coins, and enrich the world-building experience for yourself and your fellow enthusiasts.