Pretty female Druid character Scabard is a freemium website for RPG campaigns. It is designed to replace the binders GM's of tabletop RPG's typically keep stuffed with all of their campaign notes.

The GM can communicate to the players facts their characters would know about the campaign, while keeping other things secret.

Players and other users can subscribe to campaigns they're interested in and leave comments for the GM's.

Scabard is designed to be rules agnostic. We have campaigns for D&D (various versions), Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Warhammer, and a host of others.


Hand-drawn castle on left transitioning to photograph on right to signify campaign 'coming to life'

Bring your RPG campaign to life

Turn your players into the type that cares about your world - not just leveling up. And create compelling plot hooks and adventures that will keep your players engaged and hungry for more!
Example diagram showing how elements in an RPG campaign might connect on Scabard

Connections - The Magic Behind Scabard

Give characters history and depth by intertwining them with the rest of your campaign. Connect characters, groups, places, items and events with relationships like "father of", "ally of", "birthplace of", etc. Connections truly are the magic behind Scabard.
Disorganized shelves of notes and binders

Organize your RPG campaign online

With Scabard, you no longer have to scour scattered notes to recall the enemies of the king, or who created that magic item. And because everything is online, you can find your notes quickly and efficiently from any web-enabled device.

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