Random Encounter Generators

Random Encounter Generators

DnD 5e Random Encounter Generators

Curled up green dragon

Random Encounter Generator 5e

Want a super easy-to-build Dnd 5e encounter?

The Random Encounter Generator 5e is a powerful free tool for rapidly creating exciting Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition encounters.

It offers plenty of variety across a range of terrains. Choose from forest, desert, mountain, swamp, coastal, and more. Then, pick from a range of monster types; beasts, humanoids, monstrosities, and undead, for instance.

Then the generator provides a selection of 15 monsters appropriate to that terrain and monster type.

Finally, the generator offers an extra level of immersion: an AI-assisted description of the encounter for put-togethers like a forest encounter with a pack of werewolves, or a swamp with a monstrous crocodile.

With the Random Encounter Generator 5e, creating captivating D&D encounters has never been easier.

Try the Random Encounter Generator 5e

Dragon attacking knight at sunset

Dragon Name Generator

Not just dragon names, but each dragon's description, lair, horde and more!

Encounter Builder logo

Encounter Builder

Running a fantasy D&D 5e campaign?

Do your players appreciate challenging combat encounters? But not too challenging where there's a TPK?

Then Encounter Builder is for you!

Abandoned hut encounter card

D&D 5e Forest Encounter Cards

Ever tire of wandering monster rolls? Burned out from rolling on 4 different tables every game hour (weather, monsters, getting lost, etc)?

More than just a way to generate random encounters, your party can lose things, food can spoil, their campfire can get out of control; and yes, they can even encounter monsters!

A 28 card encounter deck for Forest Travel.

Other Random Encounter/Event Generators

5 Room Dungeon logo

5 Room Dungeons App

An app version of Johnn Four's 5 Room Dungeons idea. A way to build sessions, adventures and even campaigns using a simple design method you can learn in just a few minutes.

Calendar dice

Random Events Generator

Different result each time you click!

The hardest part of creating a good random encounter is coming up with the idea. This random generator will help!

Every time you click, you'll get a different random Event on on Scabard - so be sure to bookmark the ones you like!

Random Encounters and Treasures

External links to random encounter and treasure generators for:
  • D&D (various versions)
  • Pathfinder
  • Sci-fi (generic)

Kingdom Events

This 9-page PDF helps you generate random kingdom-level events for your campaign, with rules on how to tie them in with PC's and NPC's in your campaign.

It'll also breathe life into your campaign by giving it a sense of history, and will be a ready source of plot hooks, random encounters, and adventures for your PCs.

$1.99 Buy at drivethrurpg.com

Example Buyer Encounter card

Buyer Encounters

The PCs want to sell a magic item they found in a dungeon. The rule book either gives a really high price or says it's very rare.

How do you handle that? Do you just say, "OK, you find this guy who buys it off you," and send them back to the dungeon for more?

This free random buyer encounter generator includes a 23 card "Buying Encounter" deck to use in such circumstances.

Rory's Story Cubes

Need some inspiration for your next adventure or for generating random encounters? Just roll these pictogram dice and let your imagination run wild.

There are 9 six-sided dice, each unique; so that's a total of 54 different pictograms!

My daughter received this as a gift from relatives. They rolled all 9 dice at once and came up with very long stories.

So I recommend just grabbing three or four at random for adventures and one or two for random encounters.

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