The Waterfall Dungeon

The Waterfall Dungeon

When I GM, I prefer several small dungeons, all tied in with my larger world-building.

For my small dungeons, I follow the 5 Room Dungeons invented by my friend Johnn Four.

My favorite 5 Room Dungeon is the Waterfall Dungeon from my Eraven campaign.

For Room One, Johnn advises having an "Entrance or Guardian". As you can see from the 5 Room Dungeon Generator I wrote, one option is "The entrance is cleverly hidden", so my Waterfall Dungeon could only be entered on the Spring Equinox. Since the PCs arrived in Winter, this was a great excuse for the PCs to stay in the nearby Elvish village and get to know the locals for a season.

For Room Two, a "Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge" is advised. So I decided to make up a puzzle involving a poem that tied in with the world. The dungeon, you see, was also a prison. For a gnome named Grimlock, who tried to steal a powerful wand from the Elven King.  To bypass the puzzle, the party needed to figure out how to pass a locked box, with the wand, through the prisoner's cell, without him being able to open it and take the wand.

This wand was needed by the party to get past further challenges later in the 5 Room Dungeon.

For the poem, I decided on a limerick. And I used a thesaurus, a rhyming dictionary and a reverse dictionary to create the following:

There once was an elf with a wand,
Which a gnome once tried to abscond.
Said the fey to the thief,
"I repay you my grief.
Bearing locks on a box is your bond."

For Rooms 3 to 4 they needed powers of the wand to bypass obstacles. One was to stop a powerful wind spell, by enlarging themselves with greater strength. Two was to neutralize fire with a wall of ice.

Room 5 was "Reward, Revelation, or Plot Twist", where they found a room with a teleporter pad. It showed a map of the whole continent. And they could teleport anywhere. They decided to teleport to a small gnomish village where a powerful Illusionist lived, because they needed to talk to him about the next step on their quest.

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