Custom Categories

Create your own Races, Classes, Place Categories, etc without seeing everyone else's

What are Attributes?

Attributes on Scabard are not Strength, Intelligence, etc. Those would use the Stats Tab. Attributes on Scabard are a type of categorical attribute for a specific type of page. For example, Race and Gender are attributes of Character, while Place Category is an attribute of Place.

What are Categories?

Categories (more specifically, Custom Categories) are categories associated with an attribute. Dwarf, Human, and Elf are categories of the "Race" Attribute, while Forest and Town are categories of the "Place Category" Attribute.

Learn about the Shared Categories Checkbox

Note: None of the races you've assigned to characters using old-style categories will be deleted. They'll still point to the old-style races. Likewise with Gender and Place Category.

But when you edit connections, at least for those 3 attributes, you'll be able to assign custom categories. Unlike old-style categories, you can create a new custom category from within the connections editor.

Custom Categories is an Add-On feature. Just a one-time charge.

One Campaign$9.95
Two Campaigns*$17.95
Four Campaigns*$29.95
Leave your username and campaign name(s) in the payment notes and I will provision this feature for you.
* You can choose one now and save the other(s) for later.