Shared Categories Checkbox

Shared Categories Checkbox

Like creating Custom Categories that are unique to your campaign? But miss the many options in the auto-complete on the connections editor? Well, the Shared Categories Checkbox is the answer!

The checkbox shows in the connections editor when you have Custom Categories enabled. And causes Shared Categories to be included in the auto-complete options.

So you get the best of both!

Shared Categories

Campaigns using Shared Categories have many options to choose from for categories like Race, Class, Place Category, etc.

Shared Categories are shared across all campaigns of every GM on Scabard.

But you cannot add more shared categories and are not unique to your campaign.

Custom Categories

Custom Categories are unique to your campaign. But have far fewer options in the auto-complete, especially when you first enable it.

So quite a few people wanted to revert back to Shared Categories.

Shared Categories Checkbox

So instead, I made it where you could see both your Custom Categories and Shared Categories at the same time, in the auto-populate.

The best of both!

Shared Categories end with *.