Importing Data Into Scabard

Importing Data into Scabard

Scabard's powerful paste feature suits the needs of most GMs new to Scabard

The primary way to import data into Scabard is to copy from a Google Doc, Word Document, or other app and paste it directly into the editor of a page in your campaign. Rich Text Format (RTF) is supported, so most of the styling should be preserved.

Pasting markdown is now supported too. The editor will detect it when you paste, and ask you to confirm you want to convert it from markdown.

Once you save the page, the Proper Noun Detector should detect any proper nouns and prompt you to quickly build out new pages from them.

Got loads of files you need to import?

For very large existing campaigns spread across multiple existing files, pasting one-by-one will be tedious.

If you are a programmer, you can use Scabard's API to import data into your campaign.

If you are not a programmer, then you'll need admin support to import the data. Please share an online folder (drop box, one drive, google drive, etc) with me at [email protected], and I'll take a look. We can generally work with raw html, csv, json, and markdown files.

If you'll end up with more than 50 pages, please upgrade to at least a Hero Subscription first.

Be sure to include your username and a link to the campaign you want to import into.