Map Feature

The Map Feature

Upload a campaign map and assign pins that link to places in your campaign

Maps help you understand how places in your world are situated geographically and to estimate travel distances.

Campaign Map is a Hero feature. Map on Every Page is a Legend feature.

Earn the Factorem Chartis Badge when you add a campaign map with pins.


  • To upload a map, make sure you're logged in, go to the "Map" tab on your campaign or a place page and then upload your map image.
  • To add a pin, make sure you're logged in and click on your map (only GM's and Assistant GM's can add pins). A dialog will pop up. Enter the name of the place you want pinned (has auto-complete). Hit "Create" and the pin will be added to your map where you clicked on it.
  • If you add a second pin with the same place name, it will move the previous pin to the new location.
  • To remove a pin, click on it. A summary of that place will swipe in on the right of the map. Click on the "Unpin" button on that summary.