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Got a detailed home-brew world?

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Create a Rich Interconnected World

Connections Example

Add connections like who the enemies of the king are. The owner of the inn the PCs frequent. Or even the space stations orbiting around their favorite planet.

Upload your maps directly to Places in your campaign. Whether hand-drawn or built with other programs. Building floorplans, starship deckplans, outdoor maps, or DnD maps like dungeons.

Build organizations, historical events, and family trees.

Easiest to Use RPG Campaign Manager

Screenshot of 'All' and 'Players' tab

Update your campaign quickly and intuitively and run a more effective game.

Quickly create new page entries by scanning with our unique Proper Noun Detector.

The easiest to use RPG Campaign Manager available!

Works for any RPG ruleset: Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Traveller, Savage Worlds, D&D, you name it! So not just DnD 5e.

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Excellent Customer Support

Ever reached out for support and got crickets? Not Scabard!

Banish Campaign Disorganization

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Ever had to stop the action while digging through your paper notes or scattered computer files? Desperately trying to find the name of that NPC they met in the Dark Forest five sessions ago?

Well, no more...

Find your notes quickly and efficiently from any web-enabled device.

No 3rd Party Ads

No ugly and annoying 3rd party ads. Not even for the free Basic subscription.

Introduction to Scabard by my friend ravensmaw

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A happy customer

If you're still using a word processor to manage your campaign notes you will be amazed at the level up Scabard provides.

Never have I felt more prepared for a session. And I never get caught off guard when I can quickly look up an NPC I made 5 years ago.

GM of Pyren

Introduction to Scabard by my friend ravensmaw
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Campaigns with pages - made over
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Credit: Emily Mitchell Strait
When I was playing D&D growing up, my friend Sean would always arrive an hour early...

Why? Because he was so enthralled with my brother's campaign that he'd come early to soak up all the details. Who the major nobles were, rumors of distant wars, court intrigue... you name it.

And these world details were often relevant to the adventure we were on.

While crawling through a dungeon, we'd come across a coat-of-arms. Sean would know which noble family it belonged to.

If we came across a shrine, he'd know which goddess it honored. And when we were in town and needed help, he'd know exactly which NPC to see.

So what was it about my brother's campaign that made it come alive for Sean and the rest of our group? The details and sense of history played a role, of course.

But what made it feel like a real world was how everything was interconnected: rivalries between NPC's, who the leaders of each city and baronry were, who created the major magic items, etc.

With Scabard's connections feature, you can capture this interconnectedness and make your world feel real. And turn your players into the type that cares about your world - not just leveling up.

Oh, and unlike Sean, they won't need to come an hour early to soak in all the details. Because in between sessions, your players are automatically updated on changes you've made to your campaign (except secrets, of course!)

Let Scabard bring your RPG campaign to life.

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