Protectorate of Karesh


Home of the proud Kareshi archers

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Name of Nation: The Protectorate of Karesh

Location and Geography

  • Karesh spans vast grasslands, deciduous forests, and a semi-arid desert region. Its diverse geography includes the sprawling Plains of Végtelen, the dense Thalion Forest, and the arid Eastern Reaches.
  • The climate varies from temperate in the grasslands and forests to arid in the eastern deserts. These conditions influence the agrarian and nomadic lifestyles of its inhabitants.


  • Founded approximately 900 years ago when native inhabitants sought Stormber aid against Srathi orc incursions. The successful defense led to the establishment of the protectorate.
  • Major events include the Treaty of Twin Rivers, establishing peace with neighboring Stormber nations, and recent skirmishes with Srath orcs.
  • Historically, Karesh has maintained a balance between its Stormber martial heritage and the Frankish-inspired culture of its native people.

Government and Politics

  • Karesh is governed by a council comprising leaders from major Stormber clans and representatives of the native populace.
  • Key figures include the High Protector, a position traditionally held by a Stormber of notable lineage, and the Speaker of the Council, representing the native populace.
  • Internally, the nation navigates clan rivalries and cultural tensions. Externally, it maintains uneasy peace with Srath and trade relations with neighboring Stormber nations.


  • The economy is driven by agriculture, trade, and skilled craftsmanship. The vast grasslands support horse breeding and agriculture, while forests provide resources for woodworking and hunting.
  • Challenges include maintaining trade routes through contested territories. Advantages lie in its strategic location as a cultural and trade bridge.
  • Key trade partners include the Republic of Azrashras and the Stormber nations. Economic rivals primarily come from border tensions with Srath.

Culture and Society

  • The population is a mix of Stormber and native Frankish-inspired people, with smaller communities of other races.
  • Common languages include Stormber and a local dialect with Frankish roots. Major religions reflect ancient Stormber spiritualism alongside native pantheons.
  • Cultural norms blend Stormber valor with Frankish social and artistic sensibilities. Key events include the Festival of Ancestors and the Day of the Covenant, marking the protectorate's founding.

Military and Defense

  • Karesh boasts a formidable cavalry and archer corps, reflecting its Stormber martial traditions. The military is organized into clans and tribes, with specialized units for defense and border patrol.
  • Notable conflicts include battles against Srathi orcs and historical skirmishes with Hlaugar.
  • Strategic locations include Fort Verod, guarding the desert pass, and Castle Hargad, overseeing the plains.

Magic and Technology

  • Magic is respected and integrated into society, with a focus on nature and ancestral spirits. Shamanistic practices are common.
  • The Circle of Seers serves as the primary magical institution, advising leaders and training new practitioners.
  • Technological advancement is moderate, with innovations primarily in agriculture, military equipment, and construction techniques.

Important Locations

  • Capital City: Fevespok, a bustling metropolis that blends Stormber and native architecture and culture. Other Major Cities: Sarnamehervas, a trade hub near the forests.
  • Significant Landmarks: The Eternal Plains monument, commemorating the founding pact, and the Oasis of Whispers, a sacred site in the desert.

Notable Characters and Factions

  • High Protector Emeric Viharszív: A Stormber leader known for his diplomatic skill and military prowess.
  • Speaker Liane du Marche: Represents the native populace, advocating for their interests within the council.
  • Major factions include the Stormber Clans, advocating for traditional martial values, and the Merchants' Guild, pushing for economic expansion.

Current Challenges and Conflicts

  • Internal tensions arise from the cultural divide between Stormber and native traditions.
  • External threats include incursions from Srath orcs and diplomatic strains with neighboring nations over trade and territory.
  • Social issues include disparity in wealth and access to resources between urban centers and rural communities.

Adventure Hooks

  • Diplomats from Karesh seek adventurers to negotiate a trade treaty with a neighboring nation, navigating political intrigue and potential sabotage.
  • A series of orc raids on border villages prompts a call to arms, leading adventurers into the heart of contested territories to uncover a new orc warlord's rise.
  • The discovery of an ancient artifact, tied to the founding of Karesh, sparks interest from various factions, leading to a quest to secure it for the nation's benefit or their own.


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