Connections - The Magic Behind Scabard
Example diagram showing how elements in an RPG campaign might connect on Scabard Bring your RPG campaign to life with the magic of Scabard's connections.

Connect pages in your campaign with relationships like "Father Of", "Enemy Of", and "Birthplace Of". And assign race, class, and gender to characters in your campaign. And categories like "Shop", "Forest", and "Kingdom" to places.

Connections make the relationships between elements in your campaign (characters, events, groups, items, and places) just as important as the elements themselves.

This really helps your campaign come to life for you and your players. Blackrook, a long time user of Scabard, told me, "My players talk about the NPC's in my campaign as if they're real people."

That's because connections give characters history and depth by intertwining them with the rest of your campaign.

And unlike hyperlinks on a wiki, each connection only needs to be made once and it will show up on both pages it connects.

In addition, just looking at the connections table on one of your pages will give you ideas for your next adventure.

Connections are made possible in Scabard because we use a special kind of NoSQL database specifically designed to store graphs (nodes and edges).

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