Organize your RPG campaign online

Banish Disorganization Forever!

Disorganized shelves of notes and binders

Rid yourself of scattered computer files and 3-ring binders

If you're like most GM's, you keep your campaign notes in a haphazard collection of computer files and paper notes.

Your computer files are in random folders scattered across multiple devices. You probably have multiple copies of many of these files... each slightly different.

Your paper notes are in even worse shape. Some are semi-organized in 3-ring binders. Some are loose-leaf pages that you stuffed quickly in your Player's Handbook at the end of the last session. Others are print-outs with hand-written notes scrawled on them. Still others are in spiral bound notebooks.

Scabard changes all that. Your campaign is stored online, so you can access it from any web-enabled device from anywhere. No more lugging around binders, or forgetting where you wrote something down.

With Scabard, you can finally get your campaign organized and keep it that way.

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